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A well planned working wardrobe is the perfect starter. Knowing how much time of your life you spend in each area of your life (business, social, casual), is the first step in planning a successful wardrobe and with that organization, you will be prepared for any eventuality and occasions. We will work together to create your ideal look adding with ease touch of your personality. 

Together, we will discuss how you feel about your existing wardrobe and what you would like to achieve it in your personality.

Service Duration Rates
Wardrobe Audit Personalized  400 EUR – CHF 450

wardrobe 5

Service includes:

  • Update of your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle, body-line and personality.
  • Clothes organized so as to ease selection and dressing.
  • Showing you how to achieve optimum wear from the pieces you retain, through advice on colours, shapes and accessorising.
  • Suggestions on key styles to add.

PS: Possibility of integration of Studio Becker for your wardrobe organization.

Gets rid of clothes you no longer wear. You get advice on the best way to make the most of the clothes you have useful for altering them and you will learn how to combine what you’ve got so as to give you a new look.


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