Capsules Wardrobe

With the Capsule Wardrobe, you receive 2 complete wardrobes:

  • One for Spring & Summer = S/S
  • °One for Fall & Winter =F/W

Each one of 30 pieces that are completely interchangeable and chosen specifically for you. The pieces are selected based on your style type, body type, coloring, lifestyle and budget.

With your Capsule Wardrobes, you will also receive a Lookbook showing you how to combine the pieces and create super stylish outfits for nearly every occasion, plus discount on her personal shopper services.
Enhance your style now!

Men Style Consulting

You are a successful businessman. You are ambitious professional who wish to distinguish from the rest?

It is time for you to dress according to your body line, lifestyle, personality, job position and statute.

It is important for each one of you, to identify the style that fit the best with your personality and in consequence, select the clothes according to that. Knowing your personality style, is the first step for feeling comfortable and secure wearing the clothes! And that will make it easier when shopping.

In general most of the men are in those of the 3 style personalities: casual, classical or contemporary.




Image Consulting / Stylist

“Investing in your style & appearance is the best investment that you can do for your daily life”

Color Analysis: – Some colors complement you. Some don’t. This analysis will discover which depth, which tone, and which clarity is best for you. It will balance and harmonize with your natural hair color, eye color and skin tone. From this you will know what clothes and accessories complement you. And just as importantly, you will know what doesn’t suit you.

Wardrobe audit: – A well planned working wardrobe is the perfect starter. You will be prepared for any eventuality and occasions adding with ease touch of your personality. Your clothes will be organized so as to ease selection and dressing. Gets rid of clothes you no longer wear. You get advice on the best way to make the most of the clothes you have useful for altering them and you will learn how to combine what you’ve got so as to give you a new look.

Image & consulting: – This focuses on analyzing your bodyline, vertical and horizontal proportions, scale, face shape and neckline. When you understand your body shape, shopping will be easier and more productive. You will learn what sorts of jackets, shirts and trousers match your build. This will enable you to get the right fit and enhance your appearance.

Personal shopper services: – Shopping with the client by taking her/him shopping in all relevant areas such; accessories, clothes and gifts according to his style/wishes and budget.



Wardrobe Audit

Wardrobe audit julie
A well planned working wardrobe is the perfect starter.
Knowing how much time of your life you spend in each area of your life (business and/or social), is the first step in planning a successful wardrobe and with that organization, you will be prepared for any eventuality and occasions.


– We will work to create your ideal cookbook, wardrobe adding with ease touch of your personality.

– We will discuss how you feel about your existing wardrobe and what you would like to achieve it in your personality.




Personal Shopper

The Personal Shopping service includes a Quick style consulting and my expertise as Personal shopper.
According to your budget, statute and style, I will shop with you and assist you in the elaboration of the image that best suits you.

With that service, you won’t make any more fashion mistakes by choosing the wrong styles and trends as you will receive tips and advice on “what and how to buy” to create a practical and versatile wardrobe.

The personal shopper service offers several alternatives routes for shopping: Elegant British style, Classical, Sophisticated, Urban Ready to Wear, Luxury Haute Couture and “Make your own route”.




Bride Consulting

Accompany you during your fitting ensuring that your wedding dress will perfectly fit you and is in accordance with your figure and personality.
Advicing you also with the brides’ accessories (shoes and jewelry).

For the day of your wedding, Julie wants to make you spectacularly gorgeous and radiant. For that, she also puts you in the hands of the best beauty professionals who will get your makeup and hairstyle. We will be collaborating with you all the time attend to the slightest details.

Gifts: – A wedding is an event so important and special that nothing can fail! Coordinating a wedding requires a lot of details and planning.
Her mission is to enhance you and showed you like a radiant bride and perfect wedding according to your budget and your needs.

Wedding gifts & Pages: – Accessorizing in your wedding gifts of your guest invitee. She takes care of styling your pages, select and recommend you their clothes and accessories.
Making your wedding an unforgettable day that you will keep in your memories as precious for the rest of your life.

PRICE: Personalized


Fashion Workshop

Fashion workshop for small group (Private individuals)

  • Enhance your style
  • Must have basics
  • Etiquette dress code: How to dress for each occasion?
  • Accessorize your style: How to enhance your style with accessories?

Fashion workshop for Business:

  • Business & Feminity: Combining Business dress code and enhancing your feminity
  • Dress for success: Business dress code
  • Etiquette dress code: How to dress for each occasion within a business environment?

PRICE: Under request!

Corporate Uniform Styling

Corporate Fashion Consulting UNIFORMS
Management & Executives Uniform styling

  • Retail
  • Corporate Services & Office Uniform
  • Front Desk Managers
  • Hospitality
  • Sales Executives

Uniforms of blouses and shirts, pants or skirts and blazers for men and women, to ensure excellent corporate branding image.

She provides professional styling for Management levels and Executives looking for that smart, modern look. Professional styling for uniforms is available to help clients realise a suitable corporate image.


Fashion Shopping Tour

Fashion Shopping Tour Julie Atenda

Feel like a Hollywood star with your own FASHION SHOPPING TOUR with a PERSONAL SHOPPER.
Have you always wanted someone to take you through the best shops in your city? All the while getting tips and advice on how to enhance your personal style.

Julie Atenda, your personal shopper & Shopping Expert in town. Through her Fahion city tour and Personal shopping experience, the clients will enjoy the elixir of the luxury lifestyle.

That service is available in different cities such in BRUSSELS, BARCELONA, DUBAI, GENEVA and ZURICH. The service is AVAILABLE FOR INDIVIDUAL and for GROUPS (Max. 6pers)

Julie guides you on your personal shopping sprees and give you well thought-out suggestions for what suits you.
With your Personal Shopper you can visit the best stores in town and buy your own clothing line, accessories and gifts!

Become enlightened by your Fashion Shopping guide & Personal Shopper and discover your full potential. At the same time,you will get to know new, trendy shops in the city through an unforgettable shopping city tour.

For individual/pers.:
– 80 Euro¦ CHF 100
° WHEN: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
° DURATION: short tour 2H and long 4H*
NB:* with a drink/snack break in a trendy spot of the city

For Group:
200 Euro ¦ CHF 240 (up to 3 pers.)
350 Euro ¦ CHF 400 (up to 5 pers.)
500 Euro ¦ CHF 600 (up to 8 pers.)

° WHEN: PRIOR appointment only – An unforgettable shopping experience –
° DURATION: Personalized


For booking and make a reservation please send a request.



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