Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper service includes a Quick style consulting and Personal shopper with me. According to your budget, statute and style, I will shop with you and carry you on from department store to ready-to-wear, urban stores, luxury boutiques including to the latest designers and Haute Couture boutique if it is necessary.

The personal shopper service offers several alternatives routes for shopping: Elegant British style, Classical, Sophisticated, Urban Ready to Wear, Luxury Haute Couture and “Make your own route”.

Quick style consulting: it focuses on a quick analyse of your body line, lifestyle and personality. This will help to choose the right clothes, accessories according to your personality enhancing your appearance. We will have a preliminary short interview to define your expectations and needs.

Service Duration Rates
Personal Shopper – W/O Personalized  % + Shipping costs
Personal shopper – W 2H -> 3H 250 Euro – CHF 300

Personal Shopper W/O: if you haven’t got the time to shop, I will shop for you. After an initial consultation, which can take place in person or by telephone, I will deliver the item to you.

Personal Shopper W: You want me to accompany and assist you in the elaboration of the image that best suits you. That will allow you to enhance your appearance: hair, make-up, clothing advice according to your body and wishes. With that service, you won’t make any more fashion mistakes by choosing the wrong styles and trends as you will receive tips and advice on “what and how to buy” to create a practical and versatile wardrobe.

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