Fashion Consultant & Stylist

“Investing in your style & appearance is the best investment that you can do for your daily life”

Color Analysis: Some colors complement you. Some don’t. This analysis will discover which depth, which tone, and which clarity is best for you. It will balance and harmonize with your natural hair color, eye color and skin tone. From this you will know what clothes and accessories complement you. And just as importantly, you will know what doesn’t suit you.

Wardrobe audit: A well planned working wardrobe is the perfect starter. Knowing how much time of your life you spend in each area of your life (business, social, casual), is the first step in planning a successful wardrobe and with that organization, you will be prepared for any eventuality and occasions. And add with ease touch of your personality on them.

Your clothes will be organized so as to ease selection and dressing. Gets rid of clothes you no longer wear. You get advice on the best way to make the most of the clothes you have useful for altering them and you will learn how to combine what you’ve got so as to give you a new look

Image & Fashion consulting: This focuses on analyzing your bodyline, vertical and horizontal proportions, scale, face shape and neckline. When you understand your body shape, shopping will be easier and more productive. You will learn what sorts of jackets, shirts and trousers match your build. This will enable you to get the right fit and enhance your appearance.

Personal shopper services: Shopping with the client by taking her/him shopping in all relevant areas such; accessories, clothes and gifts according to his style/wishes and budget).

Service Duration Rates
Image & Fashion Consulting – Stylist Personalised   950 EURO – CHF., 1050

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